1. Navagraha Temple:- Located in Guwahati and devoted to nine Grahas or nine celestial bodies according to Hindu astronomy.

It was built by Ahom king Rajeswar Singha in 18th century. It is adorned with 9 Shivalingas which are representing the 9 grahas.

2.Umananda Temple:- Located in the Bhasmachal hill which is situated in the peacock island of Brahmaputra river in Guwahati. It was built by Ahom king Gadadhar Singha. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva( Umananda).

3. Poa-Mecca:– It is a muslim spiritual center located on the Gorurachal hills of Hajo. It was built by Ghiyasuddin Auliya in 12th century AD. He brought a poa (1/4th of a Kg) of soil from the mecca and placed it in the present location which is why the center is called as Poa-mecca. Some others also believes that the devotee offering prayers at this place acquires 1/4th spirituals enlightenment compared to Mecca.