1. A 15 days workshop on Helim Kechew and Heremidalim dance of Jeme Naga Tribe was held in Haflong to preserve and promote the traditional dance forms, songs and musical instruments.
  2. All women weekly market opened in Jorhat:
    An all women weekly market named “Tejashwini” was opened at Kolakhowa Jyotipur on the Poliyagaon outskirts in Jorhat. Products made, cultivated and reared by SHGs members will be sold at the weekly market.
  3. Assam Divas Celebrated:
    In the year 1228, a group of 10000 people entered the land of Brahmaputra valley through passing the Patkai hills. This  group of people belonged to the Tai ethnic groups.This 10000 people group was led by a great leader, who was also the prince of ‘Mong Mao Lung’.As we know him today, he is none other but the first king of the Ahom kingdom, the great Chaolung Sukaphaa.
    Chaolung Sukaphaa unified all the people by creating one political authority around the whole of the land and presented himself as the main architect of Bor-Axom.On 2nd of December(16 of Aghun) 1228, he established his kingdom at Somarpith and this day is celebrated as Assam Divas( foundation of modern Assam).
    Since 1996 December 2 has been celebrated in Assam as the Sukaphaa Day, or Assam Divas, to commemorate the advent of the first king of the Ahom kingdom in Assam after his journey over the Patkai Hills.