Assam Accord was the result of Assam agitation and was signed between AASU and Union Government led by Rajiv Gandhi.

The salient features of the Assam Accord were-

1.The Union Government will request the Election Commission to prepare a fair voter list.

2. The Election Commission will send members to review the voter list and inspection.

3. Oil Refinery will be established in Assam (Bongaigaon refinery).

4. The central government will provide subsidy to re-boot Ashok Paper Mill and a jute mill.

5. ITI will be estalished in Assam.

Foreigner Problems Solutions:-

1. A deadline has fixed as 1/1/1966 for identification of the immigrants.

2. From 1/1/1996 to 24/3/1971 , the people who came to Assam will be identified.

3. The names of the illegal immigrants will be removed from voter lists.

4. The name of the people will be re-included after 10 years from the date of deletion of their name from voter list.

5. The people who came to Assam after 25/3/1971, will be identified and deported.

Protection to indigenous people:-

  1. The language, literature, ethnicity, culture etc of the indigenous people will be protected.
  2. The government will immediately take actions for the economic, social development of Assam.

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