Manikanchan ACS is a coaching institute for APSC aspirants with a mission to produce large numbers of civil servants at an affordable price. The institute aims at upliftment to the students living below poverty line and hence comes with 100% scholarship to those students. Besides this, the institute will provide free coaching to 30 students which will be selected from an entrance examination conducted by the institute.

Manikanchan ACS comes with faculties from Delhi with 6-7 years of teaching experience and also faculties from Unacademy.

The institute believes in adjustment to changing syllabus and comes with the new syllabus of APSC. We are only focused on APSC and not other else. But the institute will organize classes for other Assam government jobs also on the students demand.

Manikanchan ACS has library facilities which provides their students a reading hall of at least 20-25 seats. Students can avail the facility from 9AM to 8 PM.

Co-founder and Director
Co-founder and Director